Latest Project: The Jazz Man

The Jazz Man is my latest experiment, I think it went well? Starring Matthew Postlethwaite. Watch.


I am a young, passionate/ obsessive independent film-maker with several projects in various stages of development. I live and work in Bradford, North of England.

I love to write, produce, direct, shoot and edit - preferably in that order. I am passionate about all manner of film, be it my own personal creative ventures, or producing corporate video's for clients within the industry.

I am open to any (and I do mean ANY) form of collaboration with fellow artists who share the same relentless passion as I. If you wish to share an idea, proposition, or humble comment with me personally I would very much like to hear from you, my details can be found here along with a bit about myself.

Latest Project

The Jazz Man

An experimental short piece based around the subject of isolation, and inspired by a famous quotation from Guy De Maupassant. Features music from NYC's own Pyramid Scheme Trio. Watch it.

Latest Corporate

School of Health Videos

Paid corporate work for the Digital Media Working Acadmy, Bradford. This was a six part project comissioned by Bradford School of Health Studies for use on their website featuring interviews with staff, students, and service users. Watch it.

Featured: Four Walls

Four Walls

Written, directed, and edited by myself. Four Walls is a somewhat dark and ambiguous story which deals with concepts of nightmarish dreamscapes, alternate dimensions, loyalty, and death. Watch it here. Or visit the Four Walls page to read more.